Community Based CCTV Grant Scheme

cctvThis scheme is intended to support local communities who wish to install and maintain CCTV security systems in their area, with the aim of increasing public safety and to deter illegal or anti-social behaviour.

All forms, information and guidelines for the scheme are available on the Department of Justice and Equality’s website by following the link hereunder;


County Kildare Joint Policing Committee Policy:

The Goal of County Kildare Joint Policing Committee (JPC) is for “Safe Communities” and the JPC’s objective is to facilitate and support Kildare as a safer place to live and work in.

The Community Based CCTV Scheme (“the scheme”) being rolled out by Department of Justice and Equality will contribute to the achievement of the JPC’s goal and, as such, will be supported by County Kildare JPC.

Read our  Policy on Community Based CCTV Schemes